Are You Ready for Your Home Inspection?

Are You Ready for Your Home Inspection?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, a home inspection is going to be part of the process of any real estate transaction. Once an offer is made on a house, the buyer hires a home inspector to review the property before the ... Read More »

Why a Home Buyer Needs an Inspection

If you ever watch any home buying or remodeling shows on satellite or cable TV, you know what kinds of secrets a home inspection can reveal about a seemingly-safe house! Home inspections are crucial before finalizing any re... Read More »

Home Buying: The Basics of Homeowners Insurance

Once you’ve purchased your dream home, it’s time to protect it! Buying a home can be very risky without homeowners Insurance. It is essential for safeguarding your most valuable possession against defects, vandalism and... Read More »

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